Global IT Department is a premier provider of Information Technology and Business Solutions to public sector organizations, government, and non-profit organizations. We provide creative and cost-effective IT solutions through IT consulting, excellent IT solutions experience, and commitment to our client relationships.

Technology Consulting

PC Networking Design and Integration
On-Site & Remote PC Troubleshooting
Commercial and Residential Wiring Structures
Data Security and Storage
Project Management
Proactive Maintenance Plans

Global IT Department is sincerely committed to being the best IT service possible. Daily we endeavor to provide an IT service that is more efficient, friendly, responsive, and technologically advanced than any competitor. This is accomplished through continuing the education of our employees, emphasizing excellent customer service, and requiring training in industry ethics. We do understand that any customer’s IT needs is of paramount importance, and will make sure that the importance of our customer’s IT needs are demonstrated. Global IT Department focuses on network infrastructure, PC and network security, backup storage, disaster recovery, and virtualization.
Need to go ‘GREEN’? Look no further than Global IT Department, as our personnel have excellent training and knowledge for helping your company to achieve the ‘GREEN’ standards that you require.


Small-Medium Business (SMB)
Global IT Department supports small and medium sized businesses located primarily in the North Georgia area. Small businesses are the backbone of America's work force and we are doing our part to help them achieve success by designing IT infrastructures that offer low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and a high Return on Investment (ROI).


Due to restrictive budgets and regulations, government offices have special requirements.  Global IT understands the necessity of a government facility requiring an up-time of 99.998% so that continuous service can be given to the general public.

Recent News

Global IT Department is a proud partner of GFI, a company that provides managed IT care. Through GFI, managed IT care enables us to provide our customers with simple and proficient remote and on-site IT services. It allows us to audit, manage, report, and gain access to computer systems in emergency situations. By implementing GFI, customers will save money while keeping a stable and secure IT environment. This partnership is an exciting aspect of Global IT Department, and we look forward to using GFI to provide the best IT service around.


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Apple is like a religion...

UK neuroscientists have found that Apple imagery activates the same parts of the brain in Apple fanboys that religious imagery does in followers of that religion. In heated arguments on the Internet, some users sometimes say that Apple is like a cult, and it seems there might be at least some truth to that.
A recent BBC TV documentary, Secrets of the Superbrands, looked at why technology brands have become so popular. The first episode was focused on Apple, but it will move on to other companies, like Twitter, Facebook, and possibly even Microsoft and Google.

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